Kind to the Planet

The Antarctic Shop is a small Australian business run by an Antarctic expedition guide and keen conservationist.

We do what we can to minimise our imprint on the earth. We choose 100% carbon neutral internet and offset our flights with Greenfleet, an Australian not-for-profit that plants trees when we travel.

Carbon neutral shipping

Our supplier Redbubble partners with renewable energy specialists 3Degrees to offset 100% of the carbon emissions from shipping their products, by investing in programs that help the environment. Find out more . . .

A smaller footprint

We aim to tread lightly. For our internet we choose Australia’s first certified carbon neutral telco. Our partner Redbubble is also working towards the smallest possible footprint. Find out more about their sustainable practices here.

Supporting Antarctic conservation

The Antarctic Shop supports Penguins International and the Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition. We donate 10% of what we earn to help fund their Antarctic and penguin research and conservation projects. Tell me more . . .

Our products

We partner with Australian company Redbubble to take care of the product side of things.

They source, print, ship and manage the ins and outs of delivery and (hopefully not!) returns.

We like what they do and hope you will too.

Want to read more about how they take care of people and the planet all the way along the supply chain?

Doing less harm

We try to tread lightly in all we do. Here are a few of the ways.

We compost our food waste, use wax wraps instead of plastic and think twice before flicking a switch. We buy bulk and give love to our little permaculture garden to bring carbon back down to earth.

We encourage everyone to do the little things they can to take the pressure off the planet.

The Antarctic Shop

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