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Acrylic block
Throw pillow

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Gentoo Tote
Colony Tote

Cotton tote

Penguin Clothing

Classic Tee
Sleeveless Top

Unisex Hoodie

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Laptop case

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Thank you! You are helping support penguin research, conservation and education.

When you buy a penguin design from The Antarctic Shop, we give at least 10% of what we make to Penguins International.

For the rest of 2020 we are giving at least 40% (November), and up to 50% (December)!

Your purchase helps to fund four major penguin projects in 2020-21:

  • Building artificial nests for the vulnerable Humboldt penguin
  • Research into vulnerable Fiordland penguin foraging habits
  • Monitoring penguin colony populations
  • Developing digital educational resources to increase global penguin awareness

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